Ethics and Social Responsibility

2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

MARCH 2017 – For the third straight year, ECCO publishes its Social Responsibility report. This 2016 edition proves once again that ethics, compliance and social responsibility are areas in which our club wants to reach excellence and give the example to its members and partners.

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ECCO improves its CSR engagement and reaches level 4 Advanced ISO 26000

JULY 2016 – ECCO is pleased to announce that following its second ISO 26000 evaluation that took place on April 11th and 12th 2016, the Association has achieved the advanced level 4 out of 5.

That is on a scale including the maturity levels 1. “Informed”, 2. “Engaged”, 3. “Mature”, 4. “Advanced”, and 5. “Exemplary”, ECCO is now ranked at level 4. “Advanced.” Reaching ISO 26000’s level 4 means ECCO not only complies with the ISO 26000 standards but also aims to promote the importance of social responsibility to its members and stakeholders.

From April 11th to April 12th, ECCO invited SGS, a specialized audit firm, to evaluate the Association’s performance with respect to the international ISO 26000 Corporate Social Responsibility quality standard. The evaluation revolves around ECCO’s performance with respect to seven core subjects which are (i) Organizational Governance, (ii) Human Rights, (iii) Labor Practices, (iv) The Environment, (v) Fair Operating Practices, (vi) Consumer Issues, and (vii) Community Involvement and Development. ECCO’s first ISO 26000 evaluation was carried out by the company SGS in 2014.

During the evaluation, the SGS auditor interviewed seven ECCO stakeholders representing Industry, Education and International Organizations. Also, ECCO provided SGS with documents testifying the actions put into place since 2014 including 3 books published (one on Offset and Ethics), two ECCO Social Responsibility reports, and the results of the ECCO World Bank committee’s report on offset practices in 10 countries.

The audit’s summary of strengths and improvement opportunities will allow the Association to consolidate its accomplishments as well as to identify opportunities to align itself ever more closely with the ISO 26000’s core subjects. These improvement opportunities are to feed the definition of a new ECCO CSR indicators table that will allow to track ECCO’s improvement objectives going forward.

According to the conclusions provided by the ISO 26000 auditing firm SGS: “Adhering to the UN Global Compact, and then to the Global Compact France, publishing a non-mandatory Social Responsibility Report every year since 2014, presenting a permanent reminder on “Ethics and Competition” at every symposium and publishing the first ever book on Offset and Ethics are some of the key actions that lead ECCO to this “advanced level” in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility.”

According to Christian SYLVAIN, Chairman ECCO, “The passage to ISO 26000 level 4 out of 5 following the assessment in 2016 from the already high level 3 measured in 2014 is a unique recognition and accomplishment for a young association such as ECCO. It demonstrates once again that the common thread of the work carried out by ECCO’s engaged members, associated experts and team is the pursuit of socially responsible excellence in offset. Also, this ranking serves to keep ECCO focused on the further accomplishments required to reach the next and highest ISO 26000 level, level 5 described as “Exemplary” in the years to come. ”

2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

csr report 2015MARCH 2016 – ECCO is proud to announce the publication of its 2015 Social Responsibility Report. Read about the efforts made by the Association to instill in its members a socially responsible way of thinking and doing business, primarily by being exemplary itself in this respect.

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ECCO supports the UN Global Compact

LogoGlobalCompact3JANUARY 2016 – The European Club for Countertrade and Offset was added to the UN Global Compact register of participants in July 2015, a further demonstration of the Association’s commitment to Social Responsibility.

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2014 Corporate Social Responsibility Report Social report slider2

MARCH 2015 – Following its ISO 26000 qualification in April 2014, ECCO is proud to announce the publication of its first Social Responsibility Report. It aims to walk the reader through our efforts to work in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

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ISO 2600 qualification


JUNE 2014 – Following the first in-depth ISO 26000 review of ECCO’s system and procedures by the independent firm SGS between March 17th and April 17th 2014, ECCO has received a score of 3 out of 5. This score is above average on a first evaluation and gives ECCO a global mature level in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility.

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In particular, ECCO’s score for the category “Principles of social responsibility” was 3.9 out of 5 thanks to the association’s demonstration of good practices in the respect of ethics and fair competition.

The adoption of ISO 26000 standards aims to improve and to secure the involvement of ECCO in the field of Social Responsibility (S.R). The perception of an organization’s performances on S.R. deeply influences its reputation, how it is perceived by donors, sponsors, and the financial community and its relationship with stakeholders: peers, governments, companies, the media.

The next step will be to carry out an in-depth analysis of this diagnostic to define and follow through on the implementation of concrete actions. These actions will allow to sustain the areas of strength identified and to leverage opportunities for further improvement.

Christian Sylvain, president of ECCO stated “We are very proud to be among the first associations in Europe to have implemented such a review and to have had such a strong first performance. We will continue to build on this foundation to further align ECCO’s systems and processes with the ISO 26000 standards for C.S.R. excellence.”