ECCO Membership is split into two categories depending on members’ role in offset management:

  • Obligor members are legal entities whose main activities result in offset obligations towards government authorities.
  • Offset Stakeholders are natural persons or entities whose main activity consists of devising and implementing offset solutions and/or services for obligors.
Executive Committee

In accordance with the Law, the Board’s activities are supported by an Executive Committee:

Honorary Chairman: Christian Sylvain (Chairman 2010-2017 and Founder of ECCO)


Mrs Chantal Dagnaud – Institutions et Stratégies
General Secretary  Michael Strehler – RUAG AG


Alain Fernandez – Offset Conseil International


ECCO Board

ECCO was founded in August 2010 under the French Association law of 1901. It is currently managed by the following Board Members, who were elected in December 2020 for a period of 3 years:

Honorary Chairman: Christian Sylvain (Chairman 2010-2017 and Founder of ECCO)

Chairwoman Mrs Chantal Dagnaud – Institutions & Stratégies
 Board Members Michael Strehler – RUAG AG

Alain Fernandez – Offset Conseil International



Operational Management

ECCO Operations are managed by

Operations Manager

Jessica Cazares
Specific appointments

In order to manage specific functions, ECCO appoints designated groups who support the Board, and Executive committee activities.

Audit Group – The Audit Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities relating to corporate accounting, required reporting practices, and the quality and integrity of the financial reports of the Association.

The members are:  Ove Sindre Lied, Kongsberg –  Sonia Méhaignoul, FN Herstal

Nominating Compliance Group – The Nominating group purpose is to follow the nominating procedure, receive any candidacy, advise the Board upon the agreement of new members and to prepare the decisions to be made by the Board relating to selection criteria and appointment procedures for the Board and Executive Committee members.

Its members are:  Alain Fernandez, Joost van Gemert

ECCO Pillars

Each pillar of ECCO’s activities is backed by specific functions or committees.
Pillar 1 – Business Community

ECCO nominated various country Ambassadors among its members in order to promote the Club and enlarge its members’ community. The following countries are covered:

Pillar 2 – Expert interaction 

ECCO’s activities are implemented through its various committees.

These Committee representatives can be contacted for further information and receive proposals for participation.

Symposium Committee

Organization of Symposiums – two one-and-half day events per year


– Define and propose the subjects to be covered during conferences to the Board

– Identify event sponsors (room, coffee breaks, etc.)

– Identify and contact potential speakers – manage the agenda

– Manage the overall logistics of ECCO events (caterer, invitations, registrations, preparation of participants’ packages, etc.)

Assistance needed
Workload: can be easily shared, depends on the number of committee members
Point of Contact:

Alain Fernandez:

Training Committee

Conception and organization of ECCO training program under the Countertrade & Offset Academy, i.e. “Executive training” (5 days, minimum one session per year) and management of trainings to external institutions.

– Executive training: organization of training, booking of teachers and attendees

Assistance needed
Workload: meetings by conference call every 3 weeks, time to perform the approved actions shared among the committee members

Point of Contact

Gérard-Philippe Menayas:

World Bank Committee

Integrate or create a World Bank Working Group in order to address issues raised by Offset at an international level, leading to the definition of a soft law standard in the area, and based on a sturdy expertise.

– Discuss the integration of offset in a World Bank Working Group (ongoing)
– Prepare research papers and recommendations
– Propose a soft law standard.

Assistance needed
Workload: meetings approx. once a month, depending on steps to be completed. On the second and third items above, depends on committee members’ personal commitment.

Point of Contact

Chantal Dagnaud :

Editorial Committee

Prepare and/or review all the editorial contents elaborated by or through ECCO

– Review the presentations made during Symposiums and prepare the conference proceedings
-Write and publish small books on offset (e.g. an Offset glossary, a memo on Offset and corruption, etc.). BUY THE BOOKS

Assistance needed
Workload: depends on committee members’ personal commitment.

Point of Contact

ICC Committee

To set out a guide on offset which will be used by the ICC members.


– Manage the working group with ICC,
– Propose wording and support the ICC members.

Point of Contact

Chantal Dagnaud:

Ethics Committee

Prepare and/or review all tasks related to ethics

– Presentation of “ethics and competition” at the Association’s symposiums,
– Issuance of a recommendation concerning applications for membership of the Association, in line with CSR standards,
– Preparation of a file and issuance of a recommendation to the Board when a Board member declares a conflict of interest.
– Preparation of a file and issuance of a recommendation to the Board for cancellations of membership as per Article 8.2.2.
– Drafting of an annual report on corporate social responsibility.
– Election disputes.
– Implementation of ISO 26000 and UN Global Compact recommendations

Assistance needed
Workload: depends on committee members’ personal commitment.

Point of Contact

Pillar 3 – Training

ECCO, developed relevant training programs in the field of Offset.

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