Who can apply?

Any private organisation, association or individual interested in offset can join us.

ECCO allows both legal entities and natural persons as members; although an individual wishing to join ECCO as a representative of a company or acting to enhance a company’s business opportunities must register the said legal entity.

ECCO welcomes two categories of members:

  • Obligors, i.e. contractors whose main activity makes them directly subject to offset obligations from government authorities whether civil or military (this status shall not be called into question by cyclical changes in the effective amounts of the offset obligations to be performed, or by offset projects proposed punctually to third parties)
  • Stakeholders, i.e. natural persons or entities whose main activity consists of devising and implementing offset solutions and/or services associated with third party companies or “obligors”.

Members register under one of these categories, and become entitled to influence decisions brought to the Members for approval through voting. When a legal entity becomes a member of ECCO, its subsidiaries (or members in case of Association) are not considered as Members and must register separately if they wish to benefit from the advantages that Membership offers.

ECCO is a business platform, and therefore representatives of offset authorities or public authorities are welcome to attend our events but are not eligible to become ECCO members.

Why joining ECCO?

The advantages of membership are:

  • Cost of annual membership is always cheaper then sending one person to attend all our events;
  • Attending our symposiums at preferential rates: a member can send as many representatives as requested at the ECCO members rate, and as long as the representatives belong to the legal entity that registered within ECCO;
  • Rebate on the Countertrade & Offset Academy Advanced Management Program
  • Participating in the running of the Association and influencing its activities;
  • Gaining visibility in the offset worldwide community.
What is the cost of membership?

Joining ECCO implies the payment of four categories of fees:

  • An admission fee, payable once and upon admission within ECCO
  • The annual membership fee, payable every year

The value of both fees is approved every year by ECCO members. Their values vary for “natural persons” members and “legal entity” members.

Legal   Entities Natural persons
Companies with more than 10 employees Compagnies with less than 10 employees Associations
Admission fee 500€ 500€ 500€ 100€
Annual fee 900€ 300€ 300€+ 50€ per member 150€

Associations (board officers, executive committee) have all the advantages of membership but their members are not full ECCO members.

They will not benefit from reduced rates for participation in the Offset Academy and in the Symposium but can become members of any ECCO Committee and access the member area in the ECCO Website.

Admission procedure

Click here to download an application form.

Joining ECCO implies the following 3 steps:

1. Identifying two ECCO members as sponsors;

2. Filling a “Membership application form”, available above or upon request at The form appoints the applicant’s two sponsors. For legal entities, it also appoints one representative and a substitute who will be the only representatives entitled to vote on behalf of their company within ECCO. Both electronic and original versions of the signed application form must be sent at the addresses stated in the form;

3. Upon internal validation of the application, membership is effective when payment of both the admission fee and annual membership fee is effective.

The Club’s Article of Association and Internal Rules, which are binding to all members, are sent to new members when their admission process is complete.