Echoes from ECCO Volume 2

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Volume 2

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ECCO considers that its mission to be world-class was not fulfilled after it received ISO 26000 certification, or even after it was recognised as a supporter of the Global Compact. This is why we are proposing this Volume of ECHOES FROM ECCO which will assist business and offset stakeholders to establish trust and prevent their contractual relationships from being affected by corrupt practices. Offset managers can play a major role in proving that offset deals and activities are law-abiding and uncorrupt.

Chairman’s note on Echoes from ECCO

Offset transactions represent several billions of dollars every year, prompting companies, institutions and governments to increase compliance and review governance systems and economic models. The European Club for Countertrade and Offset (ECCO) provides an international platform to share information and best practices in the field of offset and countertrade activities.

As Chairman of ECCO, it is my aim to make Offset more comprehensible, and I came up with the unique idea to publish a series that explains trade practices.

ECCO’s collection of volumes on offset, entitled Echoes from ECCO, aims to delve deeper into disciplines closely linked to offset transactions, and were written mostly by ECCO members. The publications do not claim to be a scientific or authoritative work, BUT I trust that offset stakeholders globally will benefit from my idea.

Enjoy “Echoes from ECCO”—a collection that focuses on the role of offset in various disciplines.

Christian Sylvain, ECCO Chairman.