Countertrade and Offset Academy

Since 2012, ECCO has developped a relevant training program in the field of offset. The Countertrade & Offset Academy is an Executive Training Program spread over three days and a half and taught by both offset practitioners and qualified academic professors.

NEXT SESSION: 19th – 21st March 2019

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Advanced Business Program

Key program features
  • Examine the role of governments, diplomacy and multi- and bi-lateral agreements in international trade and offsets as vehicles for transfers of technology
  • Review the historical background of offsets and their use to reduce economic or social shortcomings
  • Look at key industries impacted by offsets (Defence, Energy, Transportation & Infrastructure)
  • Learn to build offset contracts and clauses for different types of offsets (direct, semi-direct, indirect)
  • Define optimal internal structure to manage offsets and employ effective obligor marketing strategies
Program Content
  • Basic principles of offset management
  • Worldwide legal context and contractual aspects (including ethics)
  • Legal business case made by ECCO
  • Panorama of offsets worldwide
  • Offset practical exercise
  • Valuation of technology and intangibles
  • Understanding Customer needs
  • Financial engineering
  • Technology transfers
  • Business cases
Pedagogical approach

An innovative and appealing program with a mix of academic perspective and business approaches. At least one third of the learning time is managed by business professionals and offset experts. The learning dynamics largely rely on workshops and business cases and the program concludes with a business simulation.


After completion of the registration form, participants will receive a proforma invoice for 50 % of the applicable fee (payable within 30 days – see fees below). The remaining 50 % will have to be paid within 30 days of the course start date.

  • 3500 euros
ECCO members
  • 3000 euros


The Countertrade and Offset Academy will take place at the heart of Europe’s largest business centre, La Défense in Paris, France.
Participants are expected to make their own arrangements for travel, accommodation and meals not included in the program.

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