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Following its ISO 26000 qualification every year ECCO publishes its Social Responsibility report. Demonstrating in all its editions that ethics, compliance and social responsibility are areas in which our club wants to achieve excellence and set an example to its members and associates.

Last published report:

2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

ISO 2600 qualification

In April 2016, the Association reached the advanced level 4 out of 5.

Reaching ISO 26000 level 4 means that ECCO not only complies with ISO 26000 standards, but also aims to promote the importance of social responsibility among its members and stakeholders.

ECCO supports the UN Global Compact

Since 2015 The European Club for Countertrade and Offset has been added to the registry of participants of the United Nations Global Compact, a further demonstration of the Association's commitment to Social Responsibility.

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